In our unit, the manufacturing process is performed under four primary classes. (Colored, Black, White and Additive Masterbatches)

The nature of the machinery and equipment utilized for creation plays a vital part in Masterbatch manufacturing. That’s why our approach to production, which has developed with our existing experience, knowledge, and standards should go hand to hand with the use of proficient and top-notch machinery. ADEX has built up its creation strategies for the most part around this view.

Adex is at an extremely fruitful outlook concerning having the option to cater for emergency demands on account of the wide assortment of machines under its proprietorship. Although the production numbers during normal days are quite high, it can convey current orders within the following work day.

Masterbatch manufacturing is directed by our accomplished and equipped faculty, considering the connected guidelines in a quick way clinging to strict Quality Control methodology.

Production Process


Raw Material


Lab Testing (Raw Material)


Store (if Tested OK)


Production Lab Testing


Master Production


Packing of 25kg. Net



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Adex Polyblend