Black Masterbatches

Manufacturer of High Quality Masterbatches

Adex is the solitary organization in Rajkot, Gujarat, which is occupied with large-scale manufacturing of Black Masterbatch from a corporate perspective, with a yearly creation limit of 7,500 tons/year. Adex has advanced beyond the imported Black Masterbatches, with its item quality and limits improved throughout the long term.
The quality degree of Black Masterbatches is determined by the attributes of Carbon Black and the creation measures. Black Masterbatches should have an amicable scattering and adequate concentration levels. Moreover, they should meet obscurity power, brightness, and covering prerequisites.

Black Masterbatches are used in applications such as Film Packaging, Pipes, Automotive, Compound, Panels, Injection, Cables, etc.

Black PSG-5
CBO2 ECO Black
CBO2T1 Black
Jet Black

Fields of application where Black Masterbatches are utilized

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Adex Polyblend