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Leading Masterbatch Manufacturer

Adex Polyblend Pvt. Ltd. is India’s one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of Colour and Additive Masterbatches for the Plastic Processing Industry. Headquartered in Rajkot – Gujarat, our world class manufacturing, product development and application facilities are located in Rajkot (Western India).

Innovative approach with leading tactics

A company with strong global aspirations, we produce masterbatches for Polyolefin’s including BOPP, PET, PBT, ABS, HIPS, EVA for seamless Integration and real time Information, we have met expectations regarding masterbatch quality, gained recognition with the service concept created and become a consistent supplier of masterbatches.

About Us

Adex Polyblend is a Masterbatch manufacturer in Western India (Rajkot). As a Masterbatch producer we must meet the demands of its current or prospective customers in the right manner. The company has succeeded in becoming one of the leading masterbatch producer in our region. It has become a consistent supplier of many businesses.


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Standardized Facility

Our approach to production which has been developed with our existing experience, knowledge and standards must absolutely be made whole with the utilization of efficient and high-quality machinery.

Modern Machinery

To manufacture a product at the highest possible level of quality is directly associated with the specifications of the machinery used in production, that’s why our production lines are latest with modern facilities.

Experienced Personnel

Masterbatch production is conducted by our experienced and competent personnel with several years of experience, in light of the related standards in a rapid manner adhering to strict Quality Control procedures.

Hi-tech R&D Department

Research & Development plays a crucial part in the quality & integrity of the product and our Hi-tech R&D department works on the development of the product to fulfill the needs & demand of the market.

Excellent Quality

Masterbatches in Vibrant Colours!

It is utmost necessary to meet the demands of its current or prospective customers in the right manner. New Colour studies within our structure are conducted by expert personnel. Furthermore we have an extensive colour archive which is rapidly growing as per customers requirements.

Adex Masterbatch


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Adex Polyblend